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Tonight: Use care in spending money.

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Be more direct with a friend. You do the unexpected, surprising others and perhaps yourself as well. You might not have any control over others, but you do have control over your response. Tonight: Leader of the gang. Reach out for a distant friend or relative. You think of this person often but do not act and reach out for them.

You could enjoy catching up on each other's news. Consider getting together in the near future.

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Tonight: Be entertained rather than entertaining others. You might want to continue to relate on a one-on-one level with a friend. Make sure you are on the same page as the other party. Otherwise, a fundamental misunderstanding could develop between you. Remain optimistic.

Tonight: Dinner for two. Make plans with a loved one. Get out together, indulging in a favourite sport or interest. A surprise surrounds you, which might appeal to your partner. An older relative or parent could be cantankerous and difficult to handle. Tonight: Flow with another person's request. You have a lot of ground to cover, and you will, once you get going. News from a distance might cause you to rethink ideas and decisions. You could be surprised by how angry or energized a key person is in your life. Tonight: Clear out an obligation.

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One-on-one relating has a unique intensity. Tampa, which did make it. The rule is this: From a fundamental standpoint the Twins will start every game against the Yankees at a disadvantage.

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The Yankees? They can just buy more. The disparity is perhaps best demonstrated in the bullpen, where the Twins struggled mightily in the playoffs while the Yankees shut the door. Among what still constitute the four biggest-money pro sports leagues in this country, baseball is alone in this disparity. At least in terms of spending, every NHL and NFL team has an equal slate and can succeed or fail on the merits of its own decisions. The NFL system is unfair to players because of non-guaranteed contracts.

The NHL is about as fair for labor and management as would seem possible these days. Market factors impact free agency, but you can only spend so much. Yes they did. But that was back in a much different era of baseball economics. Their only single-game playoff victories since came in two games against the Yankees started by Johan Santana — an ace the Twins picked up for a bargain and later traded to New York the Mets in this case when he was due to get paid. We try to pretend that things will be different, that this time the Twins and Yankees are true equals because the wins and home run totals are similar.

But the Twins overachieved for their wins. The Yankees had a billion things go wrong this year and still won games.


In the playoffs, the mismatch was as stark as ever. But in baseball and in life, there is this baseline reality: You can work as hard as you can and still not win when the other side was born on third base.

He should definitely keep his podcast going. And he should invite someone on every week for a heartfelt apology. After all, in his first post-apology game Sunday, Cousins posted a Travis felt 'stifled' by his home life. There was a huge response to a request from his granddaughter and only remaining relative asking people to pay their respects to decorated soldier Sid. He's very independent. He's lost his mind. On my first days in Parliament I was told the lift 'isn't for cleaners'. There's nothing scarier than Paul Hollywood staring into your eyes while biting your bake. Roller derby and its wonderful inclusivity sets an example for all sport.

Follow Metro. Gunman kills two and throws grenade near synagogue before fleeing Police have arrested one male suspect after the shooting in the German city of Halle. Coleen Rooney accuses Rebekah Vardy of selling fake stories about her Rebekah has denied the allegations. Police draft in hundreds more officers to deal with Extinction Rebellion protests More than people have been arrested in the capital so far. Boy left in agony after pestering mum for a black henna tattoo that burned him Charlie Gaughan was on holiday with his mum, gran and her boyfriend when he got the black henna tattoo.

Mum burned by hot water bottle that exploded after she put it down her trousers The boiling water burnt off so much of Sophie Mason's skin that her 'veins collapsed'.